Waterproof Solar Floodlight Security Camera with CCTV is a Hi-Tech security product designed to light up and enable you monitor (view) your Home, Offices, Factory, Hotel, Warehouse, Shop on your mobile phones where ever there is internet access etc.


This Security Gadget Have Enabled Me and Many Others Save Lives, Properties and Situations. And You Will Need it too!Today, personal security has become an important concern. With robbery, terrorism, burglary, looting and kidnapping and other malicious practices being on the rise.

Your personal security should be taken seriously to avoid loss or lives and properties expecially in this trial period in Nigeria.

Introducing, Solar Street Floodlight with CCTV Security Camera.

* Did you know you can watch (view) your Home, Office, Compound, Assets, Gate, Factory, Hotel or Street etc on your Mobile Phone from wherever you have access to the internet in the world?

* Did you know that with the Solar CCTV Floodlight you can view (watch) the person knocking on your door or gate on your phone wherever you are located and decide if you want to let the person in or not?

* Did you know you can choose to play and watch the High Definition (HD) video recorded at any particular date by your Solar CCTV Floodlight as evidence and for security reasons?

* Did you know that the Solar CCTV captures and records everything that happens where ever you install it 24/7, 365 days a year and backs it up for you to access it any time?

* Did you know that with the Solar CCTV Floodlight in your place you can switch on/off an alarm to scare off hoodlums whenever you observe suspicious movement around your premises?

* Did you know the Solar CCTV Floodlights also serves as floodlight and lights up your environment in the night whether you have power or NOT as it uses solar, and also records whatever is going on in your environment during the day and night?

….And much

Don’t be left behind, the world has changed you should upgrade your security system too, embrace technolog today, improve your security and standard of living with our Solar CCTV Floodlights.



What makes this state-of-the-art solution unique is that it does not only light up your environment for security purposes, it also enables to monitor (watch) and record movements 24/7 whereever you mount it.

-You can watch what is going on where ever you mount it real-time on your mobile phones.

-You can switch on an alarm when you see a suspicious movement on the camera

-It also automatically triggers alarm whenever it captures movements late in the night.

-You can view whoever that is knocking or standing at your gate or door and decide if you want to let the person in or not.

-You can snap a person caught in the camera from your mobile phone

-You can play back videos recorded on any particular hour or date as evidence

-Works and records videos both day and night

-Triggers alarm automatically when it senses movements late in the night

- Video and picture quality are colorful, crystal clear and high definition

-That's not all, You can control the light and camera from the mobile app on your phone.

Solar Powered Flood Light with Inbuilt CCTV Camera

Features and functionalities

- High - Lighted 2835 Lamp beads

- Adopt a-level Monocrystalline silicon solar panels to optimize the system plan & increase the charging efficiency by 60%

- 1080HD Live video recording with night vision function.

- Intelligent mobile detection and alarm at night.

- Switch OFF & ON on mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

- Easy Installation with Free TUYASMART Mobile App

- Large capacity SD Card of 32GB with 24hrs support of cloud storage

- support multiple people watching at the same time.

Solar light 2



-SMD2835--82pcs High lumen Led

- solar panel : 5V, 20W

- Battery Capacity : 12AH

- Rainy day : 2days

- Charging time : 6hrs

- Working time 12hrs

- Working mode : Time control

Ideal for Homes, Offices, Estates, Farms, Hotels and anywhere you want to secure and monitor.

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